Mineral:              Gold

Ownership:        100%

Location:             State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Area:                    22,322


  • 64,000 oz. of gold was reported by prior owner in their filings with the Brazilian mining department, following extensive geological research.

  • At the time, gold was priced at about one-fifth of today’s price, and therefore any cutoff for economic feasibility may substantially improve.
  • Only ~2% of the total area of the Alpha Project has been researched in detail by a prior owner, and only its saprolite and colluvial layers.
  • No systematic drilling has been conducted in the rock directly underneath the saprolite and colluvial layers which have shown free gold at average of 1.5 g/t.
  • In Q2 2020, an application for an initial commercial license for exploration of free gold from saprolite and colluvial layers has been filed with the Brazilian mining department.
  • The Company continues its exploratory research in this project and advancement to a mining operation.