Mineral:              Gold, Possibly Copper

Ownership:        100%

Location:             State of Mato Grosso, Brazil

Area:                    24,395


  • Located in the Alta Floresta Auriferous Province, a well-known gold producing area.
  • One of Jupiter Gold’s three mineral rights that comprise this project is located immediately next to a producing gold mine from a mid-size Brazilian gold producer.
  • Overall, in Alta Floresta many gold and copper discoveries have been made, and primary and secondary gold is being extracted at several properties.
  • In Q3 2020, Jupiter Gold concluded an initial phase of geological studies at Alta Floresta. The property encompasses three mineral rights, two of which show intense tracks with prior artisanal and superficial gold mining activities associated with robust production of gold. They also display similar geophysical signatures with known nearby gold deposits.
  • The third area shows potential for gold, copper, and manganese according to the technical team that visited and studied the area. Anglo American has recently announced a large copper project nearby.
  • The Company continues its exploratory research in this project.